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September Mourning - Volume 1

Children of Fate: September Mourning – Volume 1

The transmedia music and art project September Mourning will be releasing her debut EP Volume 1 this Friday, October 2nd, 2015. The EP is produced by Sahaj Ticotin and Howard Benson and the date also marks the debut of the comic book “A Murder Of Reapers” which is available worldwide on September Mourning’s official website through Top Cow Comics. A… Read more →

Still Patient? - Shape Shifters

Dark Gothic Rock: Still Patient? – Shape Shifters

Dark gothic rockers Still Patient? from Worms, in Rhineland-Palatinate, Germany have released their new album Shape Shifters on Pronoize – Dark Dimensions. Back to the roots with new ideas, new inspiration and a modernized sound! That’s one way you could describe the new album Shape Shifters by Still Patient? in just a few words. But there’s much more to it… Read more →

Dessau - Isolation

Isolation – Dessau: Revisit Industrial classic from 1988

Released as a 12″ single in 1988 on Carlyle Records, “Isolation” from Dessau remains an industrial dance classic track to this day. Dessau was the musical creation of John Elliott of Nashville, Tennessee. Elliot started his career as a punk rock drummer for Nashville band Clovebottom and later worked with Actuals, later known as Factual. After several years of being… Read more →

Beborn Beton - A Worthy Compensation

Beborn Beton – A Worthy Compensation album review

It has taken Beborn Beton a long time to return with a new album, however the drawn out wait is well worth it after listening to the work that has been put into creating A Worthy Compensation. Beborn Beton’s signature sounds of melodic synthpop with a soul and edgy ballads that groove are intact. The band’s new album will be… Read more →

Short and Crunch - Blutschwur

Harsh EBM: Short and Crunch – Blutschwur

Short and Crunch from Berlin, Germany have produced an excellent debut album – Blutschwur. With a style of music influenced by groups such as Centhron, Suicide Commando and Noisuf-X, Short and Crunch display an excellent balance of harsh EBM and musical quality in their tracks. The group of Kevin and Marco Liere started combining styles taken from industrial, EBM, synthpop,… Read more →

Double Echo - La Danza

Liverpool Post Punk: Double Echo – La Danza

Double Echo released La Danza a few months ago with Finnish label Gothic Music Records and will soon release a remastered version of their 2013 album Phantomime that will include two bonus tracks. The band made up of Chris Luna and Ash Lerczak was founded in Liverpool in 2012 and is a creating music that is fascinating back-to the basics and… Read more →

Section 25 - Looking From A Hilltop

Revisit 1984: Section 25 – Looking From A Hilltop

Released June 1984, “Looking From A Hilltop” by Section 25 on Factory Records, was an electro club hit in all over the world. “Looking From A Hilltop” was originally released on the third Section 25 album From The Hip album in March 1984. The subsequent 12″ featured two versions of the song, the A-side track Restructure (4:38) and B-side track Megamix (8:07). As… Read more →

Pantser Fabriek - Stahlzeit

Noise sculpted sound: Pantser Fabriek – Stahlzeit

Pantser Fabriek, from The Hague, Netherlands, has their second release Stahlzeit now available on Bandcamp from Hack die Rübe the sub-label of SkullLine. There is no mystery here, Stahlzeit is just pure energetic and loud old-school EBM at its best. From the opening “Stahl-Musik,” a style and tempo is set as if forged in steel. The second track “Come Closer”… Read more →

Bleib Modern - All Is Fair In Love And War

Bleib Modern – All Is Fair In Love And War

All Is Fair In Love And War is the title of the debut album by Bleib Modern from Bamberg, Germany. The band, once a one a solo project of Philipp Läufer, was founded around 2014 and now has five members working on their coldwave-postpunk style of music. The album has been released on Brazilian label Wave Records from São Paulo… Read more →

Lucidstatic - You Are Here

Remix Album: Lucidstatic – You Are Here

Alaskan electronic artist Lucidstatic, also known as James Church, has released You Are Here, his is a collection of remixes from material released on The Wreckage ( CRL Studios) and Fatalist (Signifier). The resulting mixes are diverse in genre and shed new light on old works. Remixers include Testube, Cold Therapy, Corroded Master, iammynewt, Mind.Divided and more! Lucidstatic combines a… Read more →