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Suffering for Kisses - Forever Waiting

Suffering for Kisses – Forever Waiting

Tony D’Oporto from Oakland, California who creates music as Suffering for Kisses has released his debut album Forever Waiting where he beautifully renders a blend of coldwave synths and dark new wave sounds into a haunting yet dreamy journey of nine tracks. Opening with “Touch” that was featured on Mixcloud – 120 Volts # 018 the entire album carries through a foreboding theme that… Read more →

Ginevra - Death by Strobe

Ginevra – Death by Strobe

Turin-based Triple Void Records has released Death by Strobe – the debut album by Italian electronic / darkwave band Ginevra, the album delivers eight tracks that provide and immersive cold and dark journey of synth generated rhythms that are bleak yet offer the right amount of energy for dance floor. The band has also released a video for the track “Dismay” that is… Read more →

Vandal Moon - Wild Insane

Vandal Moon – Wild Insane

Wild Insane renders a portrait of 21st century intoxication where we yearn for 80s melodies and a break from post-traumatic stress. It has been almost two years since Vandal Moon released Teenage Daydream Conspiracy merging a stylized 80s synth-sound with a blend of dark neo-psychedelia and dream pop – now Blake Voss (vocals, guitars, synthesizers and principal songwriter) is joined by Jeremy Einsiedler (drum machines and synthesizers)… Read more →

Skeleton Hands - Wake

Skeleton Hands – Wake

Cincinnati post-punk duo Skeleton Hands have released their second full-length 10-track album Wake this past week and it has been on non-stop for days. A pure delight by Evan Scott Sharfe and Chase Anderson blending synths, rhythm and vocals for an album listening experience that best enjoyed hearing from beginning to end – taking in each track with its ebb and flow that evenly brightens and… Read more →


Catching Up With TSTI

We have caught up with S. Smith to learn more about his darkwave / electronic / synthopop project TSTI and also peek into his latest album Endings recently released on German label Basic Unit Productions. The 10-track album mastered by Sid Lamar (Keluar/Schwefelgelb) features Jennifer Touch as well as remixes by Hante. and Ssleeping desiresS that upon hearing will bring back memories of a simpler time in dark… Read more →


Pankow in Concert

Pankow return to North America this fall with dates in Brooklyn, Denver, Chicago, Montreal, Austin, San Francisco, Seattle, Los Angeles and a yet unannounced September 30th location. SEP 28 – Brooklyn, NY – Saint Vitus Bar SEP 29 – Denver, CO – The Black Box SEP 30 – TBA OCT 1 – Chicago, IL – Metro Chicago OCT 4 – Montréal,… Read more →

Skin Contact - Machine Intelligence

Dark Noise: Skin Contact – Machine Intelligence

Dark electro artist Skin Contact has put together a new album that skillfully presents an electronic soundscape that evokes mystery and disorientation with its dreary environment. Machine Intelligence is Skin Contact’s first full-length album in 7 years and offers 11-tracks that mutate in a caustic and unfamiliar dark electronic approach giving us a glimpse into the ambient and experimental work of Kevin Breidenbach. Producing music since 1997… Read more →

Bloque del Sur - Periferia

EBM: Bloque del Sur – Periferia

Pakapi Records presents the debut mini-album Periferia from Bloque del Sur of Argentina. Periferia, the third of the Industria Tropical series is a delight of 4-tracks that showcases the simplicity of late 80s electro style with stripped-down beats and layered sound. Let’s hope there is more from this band soon — for now enjoy this fresh approach to the EBM sound. Download the album… Read more →

Vandal Moon - Teenage Daydream Conspiracy

Vandal Moon – Teenage Daydream Conspiracy

An interview with Vandal Moon reveals the drive behind the blend of synthwave and 80s alternative sound on the new album Teenage Daydream Conspiracy. Inspired by the darker acts of the post-punk and darkwave scene of the early 80s, Vandal Moon aka Blake Voss has released his fourth album via Werkstatt Recordings. Teenage Daydream Conspiracy is the follow-up to the The LSD EP that was… Read more →

Renegade Soundwave - The Phantom (It's In There) / Ozone Breakdown

Classic ’89: Renegade Soundwave – The Phantom/Ozone Breakdown

Released by Mute Records in 1989 The Phantom (It’s In There) b/w Ozone Breakdown 12″ from Renegade Soundwave became instant club classics. Back-to-back these extended tracks with their blistering techno/industrial/electronic sound provided the raw energy needed to cross-over onto 1989 dance floors including Save the Robots (NYC), Florentine Gardens (LA), Hippopotamus (Buenos Aires), and Kitchen Club (Miami Beach). The Phantom (It’s In There)… Read more →