Haujobb – The Machine in the Ghost

Haujobb Photo by Chris Ruiz
Haujobb Photo by Chris Ruiz

Haujobb has released the darkly foreboding track “In the Headlights,” the first single from this legendary industrial band’s forthcoming new album The Machine in the Ghost. Haujobb was birthed in Germany in 1992. Since that time, the band has evolved by combining a wide range of influences such as electro, noise, IDM and techno into their beloved electro-industrial sound.

The Machine in the Ghost, the German duo’s tenth full-length, has been scheduled for release in late September by Metropolis Records on all digital and streaming platforms along with a CD version.

Haujobb will be performing at Mechanismus Festival on June 28th at El Corazon in Seattle, WA.

Pre-order The Machine in the Ghost via Bandcamp and also worldwide: en.spkr.media and US/Canada: us.spkr.media