Neon Lies – Demons

Neon LiesNeon Lies - DemonsDemons is the new fourth full-length album by Zagreb based Neon Lies, which is on 12” vinyl by Wave Tension Records & Cosmic Brood Records and CD version by Diffuse Reality sub-label Periphylla.

Neon Lies started as a synth wave bedroom solo adventure in late 2015 by Goran Lautar while he was still singing and playing guitar in Modern Delusion and The Celetoids, prominent bands from Zagreb’s D.I.Y. punk and post punk scene gathered around label Doomtown Records. Since then, Neon Lies toured and played shows endlessly, releasing three albums (Neon Lies , II and Loveless Adventures) on Cosmic Brood Records, Black Verb Records and Wave Tension Records.

Demons is the logical progression from the minimalistic lo-fi darkwave sound crafted on the highly praised previous album Loveless Adventures, but on this one you can expect even more of this desperate and introspective display, dwelling into the darker dystopian side of up-to-date electronic sounds from European underground clubs and sweaty stroboscopic flash dance floors. Both restless and intimate, Demons brings eleven personal hymns full of icy synth lines, rubbery bass punches along with minimal wave drum beats that are all accompanied by desperate and warm cry out of his vocal manoeuvres.

Artwork and layout design for Demons created by Sven Sorić, audio mastered for vinyl by Ruud Lekx.