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Selofan - Partners In Hell

Selofan – Partners In Hell

Greek electronic / post-punk band Selofan formed in Athens in 2012 have released their new 10-track album, Partners In Hell with songs that blend dark and hauntingly sensual vocals along with hypnotic synths and rhythms. The album is available in limited-edition vinyl versions and CD from Fabrika Records and Bandcamp. Partners In Hell by Selofan More

Surviving in Europe 17-20 - VA

Surviving in Europe 17-20 – VA

Italian independent record label based in Berlin, She Lost Kontrol, has released its second compilation in the series – Surviving in Europe 17-20 featuring works by The NE-21, Piska Power, Bop+lksmn, Le Chocolat Noir, How Green Is My Toupee, Mother Juno, Autumns, Savage Grounds, Silent EM, Celldöd, Mind&Flesh, Strangers For Love, Blind Delon & Black Egg, Huren, Kris Baha, Raw… More

Kriistal Ann - Touched On The Raw

Kriistal Ann – Touched On The Raw

Greek vocalist Kriistal Ann of the darkwave duo Paradox Obscur – has returned with her fourth full-length solo album – Touched On The Raw is due October 23rd on Wave Records. The album is available for pre-order from Bandcamp for digital download and in limited CD an vinyl editions. The 11-track album will include 9 songs, some of which will carry the mantle… More

Black Arcade - The Rectangle Rose

Black Arcade – The Rectangle Rose

Post-punk / darkwave artist Black Arcade from Lexington, KY has released the official video for the new single “Death Is Not a Lover” along with the first track “Was Is Will Be” from his second LP The Rectangle Rose – the new album is due October 5th and is now available for pre-order via Bandcamp The Rectangle Rose by BLACK ARCADE More

Peine Perdue - Histoire d'une Ame

Peine Perdue – Histoire d’une Ame

The French / German synthpop-minimal wave duo of Coco Gallo and Stéphane Argillet Peine Perdue are releasing a new 4-track EP Histoire d’une Ame on March 20th via the Electronic Emergencies label. The EP tells a story that was inspired by 80s cult movie Therese, directed by Alain Cavalier, about the mystical suffering of a nun who becomes a saint. Expect nebulous acid wave… More

Forever Grey - Love Is Lust

Forever Grey – Love Is Lust

Forever Grey have a new cassette release, Love Is Lust, a selection of four tracks highlighting their electronic – minimal wave sound. Love Is Lust is also available as a digital download via Bandcamp. Love is Lust by FOREVER GREY More

Intersigno - Night Terrors

Dark Electronic Sound: Intersigno – Night Terrors

Intersigno from Barcelona, Spain has released a second album titled Night Terrors which is filled with amazing sci-fi inspired darkwave and minimal synth sounds — this follows the release earlier this year of the debut album Dark Space. Have a listen to the new album Night Terrors and watch the video for “Nostromo” from Dark Space. Night Terrors by Intersigno More

Pure Ground - Standard of Living

Album Review: Pure Ground – Standard of Living

Standard of Living is the second LP by Pure Ground who are on Chondritic Sound. The band from Los Angeles has been creating minimal electronic industrial music with harmonies and discordant elements since 2012. Member G. Holger and J. Short use influences of science fiction and horror to produce a sound that presents dystopian reality and contemporary warfare by way… More