Harsh EBM: Short and Crunch – Blutschwur

Short and Crunch - BlutschwurShort and Crunch from Berlin, Germany have produced an excellent debut album – Blutschwur.

With a style of music influenced by groups such as Centhron, Suicide Commando and Noisuf-X, Short and Crunch display an excellent balance of harsh EBM and musical quality in their tracks.

The group of Kevin and Marco Liere started combining styles taken from industrial, EBM, synthpop, hip-hop, ambient and cinematic music in 2012 to generate music that has unique rhythms and melodies.

Their work and dedication has paid off. The tracks on Blutschwur are solid and create a great listening experience for those seeking new EBM. The band produces strong and brutal cuts on “Baron Samedi,” and on the intricate and elegant “Runde II,” while pushing 148 bpm of pure electro on “Mechanization.”

Currently, the band’s excellent track “Wasteland” is appearing with a bullet on the GEWC charts.

“Übermensch” and “Dunkle Gedanken” are also brilliant stand-out tracks with interesting composition of unique beats on this powerful debut of a harsh electro 14 track album. Check these guys out!