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Hocico - Ofensor

Hocico: Ofensor World Tour 2016

Out of Line Music dark electro outfit Hocico have announced their Ofensor World Tour 2016 which runs February 5th thru August 14, 2016 in support of their latest album, Ofensor. Feb. 5 – Kiff – Aaurau, Switzerland Feb. 13 – Le Nouveau Casino – Paris, France Feb. 18 – Death Disco – Athens, Greece Feb. 19 – Lemon – Madrid,… Read more →

Digital Infaction Strike 2

New Compilation: Digital Infaction – Strike Two

Infacted Recordings has released its second compilation, Digital Infaction Strike Two, showcasing the great electronic talent representing the label. The first compilation in the Infacted Recordings series, Digital Infaction Strike One, was released in July 2015 and presented tracks from its roster of talent; among them were Shiv-R, Reaper, Unitary, Orange Sector, Mordacious, E-Craft, Modulate, Menschdefekt, Ien Oblique, and Skyla… Read more →

Suicide Commando - Electro Convulsion Therapy

Suicide Commando re-release: Electro Convulsion Therapy

Suicide Commando presents the official re-release on vinyl and CD of their last ever tape Electro Convulsion Therapy from 1993 via Minimal-Maximal Records — available October 30th, 2015. It has been 20 years since the first Suicide Commando album Critical Stage was released on the German Off Beat label. It was the promising start of a long and ultimately successful career… Read more →

Saw Neptune - Fatalities

New Aggrotech: Saw_Neptune – Fatalities

Saw_Neptune, the side project of UK-based Ion Plasma Incineration, will release its second album Fatalities October 31st, 2015. Fatalities follows the 2013 debut for Saw_Neptune Beneath A Scarlet Maelstrom which brought scorching melodies, pounding glitched beats, brutal inhuman vocals and aggressive synth basses with the occasional use of traditional Chinese instruments mixed in – aimed squarely at the dance-floor. Compared… Read more →

Liiaiira - Fiends

Dark Electro: Liiaiira – Fiends

The ambient music composer from Boise, Idaho Liiaiira is set to release an 8 track album featuring remixes by X-Fusion and TBA. Founded in 2013 after several years of working in the music industry composing under the name Heartforged, Liiaiira was crafted out of the pain of loneliness and longing, as a way of bringing joy to others through intricate piano… Read more →

The War Of The Valkyries - T-Error Machinez

The War Of The Valkyries – T-Error Machinez

T-Error Machinez of Pavia, Italy have released their new album The War Of The Valkyries digitally via Bandcamp. T-Error Machinez is a Dark Electro Industrial project born in 2013 and includes, Manuel Curti (Mechanical T-Error-X Programming- Vocalist – Composer – Bloodylyricist), Davide Susanni (Jeff Skellington – Guitarist) and MichelaLucarelli (Lady Morgana – Bassist and Backing vocals). The project T-Error Machinez… Read more →

Invisible Devastation - The Thirteenth Apostle

Russian EBM: Invisible Devastation – The Thirteenth Apostle

Russian band, Invisible Devastation, have released their debut Harsh EBM album The Thirteenth Apostle on the SkyQode label. After releasing their first demo tracks in 2009, the Invisible Devastation received a lot of positive feedback from the local fans. They were praised for the quality of music and very interesting lyrics in Russian. Interest in the band was further fueled… Read more →

Short and Crunch - Blutschwur

Harsh EBM: Short and Crunch – Blutschwur

Short and Crunch from Berlin, Germany have produced an excellent debut album – Blutschwur. With a style of music influenced by groups such as Centhron, Suicide Commando and Noisuf-X, Short and Crunch display an excellent balance of harsh EBM and musical quality in their tracks. The group of Kevin and Marco Liere started combining styles taken from industrial, EBM, synthpop,… Read more →

Digital Infaction - Strike One

New Compilation: Digital Infaction – Strike One

Infacted Recordings has released a new compilation, titled Strike One, to showcase some of the great electronic talent on the label. The collection includes tracks from Ruined Conflict, Shiv-R, Reaper, Unitary, Orange Sector, Mordacious, E-Craft, Modulate, Menschdefekt, Ien Oblique, Skyla Vertex, Frozen Plasma, Grendel, ES23, Circuito Cerrado and PreEmptive Strike 0.1. Stike One is available on Bandcamp. DIGITAL INFACTION –… Read more →

Consumer Junk - Pusher

Album Review: Consumer Junk – Pusher

As they describe themselves, the members of Consumer Junk from Utrecht, Gerwin van Ruiswijk, Niels Muijen, Marcel Verschoor, and Etienne Baegen produce music that is “rough, technoid, brutal and full of energy – and that is all you need to know.” Their new album Pusher accentuates all those points. Pusher displays loud, high energy techno beats along with a range of… Read more →