New Compilation: Digital Infaction – Strike Two

Digital Infaction Strike 2Infacted Recordings has released its second compilation, Digital Infaction Strike Two, showcasing the great electronic talent representing the label.

The first compilation in the Infacted Recordings series, Digital Infaction Strike One, was released in July 2015 and presented tracks from its roster of talent; among them were Shiv-R, Reaper, Unitary, Orange Sector, Mordacious, E-Craft, Modulate, Menschdefekt, Ien Oblique, and Skyla Vertex.

The new collection features exclusive and previously unreleased tracks from bands including Lights of Euphoria, Frozen Plasma, Grendel, The Firm, NanNamBulu, Orange Sector, Torul, Agrezzior, X Marks the Pedwalk, and Liquid Divine.

Strike One and Strike Two are available via Bandcamp.