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ManMindMachine - Porcelain Eyes EP

ManMindMachine – Porcelain Eyes EP

Danish synthpop / electro group ManMindMachine have a newly released homage to the original man machine Kraftwerk – Porcelain Eyes EP – is a teaser for the robotics and art focused Expo:Robotics festival where they will perform this Saturday, November 17 at the Odense Musikbibliotek – Odense, Denmark. Porcelain Eyes EP by ManMindMachine More

Norwell - Interkosmosis

Norwell – Interkosmosis

Hungarian electronic artist Norwell has a new release due soon. The 5-track album Interkosmosis will be released via Computer Controlled Records. Check out clips from the album. More

The Rorschach Garden - Everything Must Burn

The Rorschach Garden – Everything Must Burn

The Rorschach Garden, the electronic music project founded by Philipp Münch returns with a new 15-track album due in February — Everything Must Burn delivers their trademark classic 80’s dark electro sound. Clips from the full album at can be previewed at Ant-Zen Mailorder and the album will also be available for digital download via Bandcamp.   More

Grandchaos - Tempest

Grandchaos – Tempest

Grandchoas aka Russian EBM / electronic musician Tcheleskov Ivanovitch is set to release a new album via EK Product Records. The new full-length album Tempest gathers SA42, Bak XIII, 8kHz Mono, ESR, Fatal Aim, DI*ove, kFactor, Mechaload, Akalotz, Big Toxic, Krawallchuck, and Resistor remixing the EBM tracks put together by Grandchaos who analyzes their structures, dissecting them and resembling them through continuous… More

Gin Devo - Electrotheque

Gin Devo – Electrotheque

The German Dark Dimensions Label Group which is dedicated to Electro, Industrial and Gothic music is set to release a new album Electrotheque by Belgian electronic musician Gin Devo of Vomito Negro on January 27th, 2017. Recorded on his massive collection of old school synthesizers, Gin takes you on a journey full analogue basses, pumping drum machines, vintage string machines and… More

Roya - Trax

Minimal Synth: Roya – Trax

Electro / minimal synth solo artist Roya has self-released her first EP – Trax via Bandcamp. Earlier this year the Stockholm-based Roya launched her two-track single Centrum which was featured on an episode of Elektroniskt i P2 radio program and​ was chosen as Gaffa Sverige’s Week’s Best​. Roya originally from the US has lived in Stockholm since 2010. Her past music projects… More

Faderhead - Anima In Machina

Faderhead – Anima In Machina

Faderhead has a new EP out today— Anima In Machina was supposed to be a single release, however it turned into a full 10-song mini-album and is now available on Bandamp as a digital download, the album will also be out as a CD with pre-orders now being offered thru Sunday, October 9th. The EP features 2 new songs and 8 complete re-works of older… More

Syntec - Catch My Fall

Syntec – Catch My Fall

In advance of their soon-be-released upcoming album The Beginning, German electronic band Syntec have returned after 21 years with a new single “Catch My Fall” on Infacted Recordings. The maxi-CD single features Blind Passenger as well as remixes by Enter & Fall, Versus and Scott Bells. The new album is mixed and mastered by Jan Loamfield of Noisuf-X will be available September… More

VHS Glitch - Moral Decay

VHS Glitch – Moral Decay

“In a world full of corruption and soulless individuals, only blood can bring the change…” Born from the ashes of burned VHS and VCR’s VHS Glitch is ready with another album bringing synthesized music inspired by the 80’s and early 90’s — the new album Moral Decay is available via Bandcamp and is pushing up as the best seller on the electronic… More