Filmmaker – Machinations

FilmmakerColombian producer Faunes Efe known under his moniker Filmmaker, is one of the most productive and vital producers in the EBM, Industrial, Synth-wave and Electro community. He has quickly built a cult following amongst those with an affinity for dystopian electronics drenched in seductive darkness.

Filmmaker’s musical discography consists of a multitude of albums and EP’s and (remix) contributions on compilations released by illustrious labels like Detritri Records, VEYL, Soil Records, HC Records, Opal Tapes and Tartarus Records.

After more than 20 records within a 5 year span, Filmmaker keeps running engines with Machinations, a mini-album containing 7 cuts that blast a mechanical blend of Electroclash and Minimal Synth. This ride of prominent square waves, robotic beats and detuned atmospheres is born from mainly two instruments: a Syntakt & a processed guitar.

Machinations will be released on October 6th on 12” vinyl by Wave Tension Records.