Dark Electro: Liiaiira – Fiends

Liiaiira - FiendsThe ambient music composer from Boise, Idaho Liiaiira is set to release an 8 track album featuring remixes by X-Fusion and TBA.

Founded in 2013 after several years of working in the music industry composing under the name Heartforged, Liiaiira was crafted out of the pain of loneliness and longing, as a way of bringing joy to others through intricate piano melodies. After finishing Liiaiira’s first album Depleted, the sound of Liiaiira started to shift due to new revelations in music production.

Pre-Order Available now on Bandcamp. 3 tracks from Fiends are ready for listen and download, as well as X-Fusions masterful remix of the title track “Fiends.”

Fiends is set to be released October 20th, 2015.