New EP: Helalyn Flowers – Beware Of Light (featuring Chris Pohl)

Helalyn Flowers - Beware Of LightMetallic Electro Rock Italian duo Helalyn Flowers strike back by surprise with a new 6-track EP – Beware of Light – to be released October 9th, 2015 by Alfa Matrix.

The Beware Of Light EP is first of all the result of an amazing collaboration with Out Of Line artist Chris Pohl (BLUTENGEL, TERMINAL CHOICE, etc.) showcasing a hyper catchy and successful vocal duo together withNøemi Aurøra for a darker and more romantic goth version of this dynamic and highly melodic title song. But this EP is also a true tour de force of metallic industrial rock with the apocalyptic “Karmageddon” which reveals Helalyn Flowers harsh and angry face! Featuring muscled incisive guitar riffs, revolted female vocals, upbeat electro beats and carrying synth lines. Two strong new songs announcing a more than promising 4th studio album Sonic Foundation that is scheduled for an early Spring 2016 release.

“Karmageddon” was also morphed into a techno dance club hit by the Brazilian electro masters of AESTHETISCHE while the cult German act THE PSYCHIC FORCE turned it into a vibrating elektro dancefloor pounder with hypnotic guest vox by DJ Michelle himself; and “Beware Of Light” also received the remix treatment by XMH for an upbeat cyber punk retake.