New Aggrotech: Saw_Neptune – Fatalities

Saw Neptune - FatalitiesSaw_Neptune, the side project of UK-based Ion Plasma Incineration, will release its second album Fatalities October 31st, 2015.

Fatalities follows the 2013 debut for Saw_Neptune Beneath A Scarlet Maelstrom which brought scorching melodies, pounding glitched beats, brutal inhuman vocals and aggressive synth basses with the occasional use of traditional Chinese instruments mixed in – aimed squarely at the dance-floor. Compared to the likes of Tactical Sekt, Suicide Commando, Die Sektor, Life Cried – Saw_Neptune has aimed to appeal to EBM fans.

The new album combines contemporary melodic aggrotech sounds with old-school rave sounds of the early 90’s, the mix creates an energetic, catchy and danceable aggressive sound that recall the glory days of the early 90’s, occasional ethnic textures and modern production and sounds to create a memorable mix of old and new.