The War Of The Valkyries – T-Error Machinez

The War Of The Valkyries - T-Error MachinezT-Error Machinez of Pavia, Italy have released their new album The War Of The Valkyries digitally via Bandcamp.

T-Error Machinez is a Dark Electro Industrial project born in 2013 and includes, Manuel Curti (Mechanical T-Error-X Programming- Vocalist – Composer – Bloodylyricist), Davide Susanni (Jeff Skellington – Guitarist) and MichelaLucarelli (Lady Morgana – Bassist and Backing vocals).

The project T-Error Machinez was started in 2013 with Manuel Curti as the founder and under the name Mechanical T-Error-X and Mirko Caputa, also known as Ausgebrannts T-Error Gottlos Infekt.

Before starting the T-Error Machinez project, Manuel Curti was part of a Symphonic/ Gothic Black Metal dual band, Black Blood, and was composed by him and a classmate, Michael Cuollo.

The Black Blood project however didn’t last long as during the composing process of the album Michael quit the project and Manuel decided to complete the White Rose album that they composed entirely with a computer. After that they quit the project.

After two years, Mirko Caputa has joined the group, a poetry, literature and music enthusiast, he shares the same tastes and it was decided to create the T-Error Machinez project and compose the first three albums: Alert System, Macabre Dance and The Fool and the Saint.  They also made a single under the name, The Funeral of Lost Souls.

During May 2014 Mechanical started to compose a new album The War of Valkyries with experimental and variable sound, maintaining the EBM line but being influenced by Harsh, Horror, Dark Electro, Metal, Depressive and Industrial genres.