Album Review: Consumer Junk – Pusher

Consumer Junk - PusherAs they describe themselves, the members of Consumer Junk from Utrecht, Gerwin van Ruiswijk, Niels Muijen, Marcel Verschoor, and Etienne Baegen produce music that is “rough, technoid, brutal and full of energy – and that is all you need to know.” Their new album Pusher accentuates all those points.

Pusher displays loud, high energy techno beats along with a range of electronic styles fit for every occasion. We enjoy the old-school techno sound and raw electronics on “Kickstart The Fight,” “Toxication” and “Notice Me.” The track “Pushed” showcases an electroclash approach. Industrial EBM sounds greet us on “Lot Lizard (Club Mix).” If I had to pick a favorite track on Pusher it would be the futuristic sounding tracks “Yellow (Remaster)” and “GruftiBahn 11.” Overall this is a solid album full of great dance sounds.


1. Kickstart The Fight
2. Pushed
3. Toxication
4. Notice Me
5. Must We Unite
6. Buy (Remaster)
7. GruftiBahn 11
8. Carbohydrates (Club Mix)
9. Let’s Get This Party Started
10. Consume (Remaster)
11. Lot Lizard (Club Mix)
12. Yellow (Remaster)
13. David

Released: 2015 / Wallboomers

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