Side-Line reposts Face the Beat: Session 1

Face the Beat: Session 01Side-Line Magazine has received a huge number of emails from people interested to download the first volume of the industrial, electro and darkwave compilation Face The Beat: Session 1 in addition to the recently released Face The Beat: Session 2. Side-Line traced back the masters of the first volume and uploaded this today. You can download the first volume – released in July 2011 – right now on Bandcamp.

Also for this volume, all donations will go to Side-Line charity causes.

Here is the band list in alphabetical order: [de:ad:cibel], 8 Digital, Alien Vampires, Alpha Point, amGod, Armageddon Dildos, Bella Lune, Bête Noire, Blackhouse & Hypnoskull, Canal Pop, Chaos All Stars, Corporate Soldiers, DarkDriveClinic, Daybehavior, Decayed Reflection, Defence Mechanism, DI*ove, Diffuzion, Distorted Reality, Doom Generation, DRIL, Electro Spectre, Empusa ft Miss FD, Freakangel, h.exe, Halo In reverse, Harvey & the moon, head-Dless, Human Steel, In Black, Inertia, Kant Kino, Kommander D, Komor Kommando, Krystal System, Malakwa, My Secret Machine, Necrotek, Notstandskomitee, Novakill, P24, PaPerCuts, Psy’Aviah, Razorfade, Reizstrom, Schwarzblut, SMP, The Adamski Kid, The Mask Of Sanity, TourdeForce, Transatlantik, Umilenie, Xperiment.