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Manic Depression Records - Bipolar Sounds 2020

Manic Depression Records – Bipolar Sounds 2020

Paris-based Manic Depression Records has assembled Bipolar Sounds 2020 – a free (pay-as-you-like) compilation that gathers one song of each of its 2020 releases. The 15-track Bipolar Sounds 2020 is available via Bandcamp. Bipolar Sounds 2020 by Manic Depression Records Tracklist: 01 Selfishadows “Time to Change” Taken from MD130 Again 02 Velvet Kills “Bitch Face” Taken from MD120 Bodhi Labyrinth… Read more →

Brutal Resonance - Phase One

Free Download: Brutal Resonance – Phase One

Brutal Resonance is proud to announce their first free compilation BRUTAL RESONANCE: PHASE ONE – this 20-track collection of dark electronic tracks is being offered at a name-your-price via Bandcamp. Beginning off as a competition held between February 18th, 2016 and March 18th, 2016, over forty different musicians submitted tracks to be featured on the industrial/EBM/dark-electro gathering. Brutal Resonance staff… Read more →

Front 242 - Detox Static EP

Free Download: Front 242 – Detox Static EP

Alfa Matrix has released a new EP from Front 242 exclusively via Bandcamp that can be downloaded for free. The Detox Static EP features a remastered version of “Take One,” plus the remix work by the top 3 winners of the remix competition held last year as well as an additional 3 mixes. Overwhelmed by the success of the competition and the… Read more →

Electrozombies Undead and Open-Minded Volume 1

Electrozombies: Undead & Open-Minded Volume 1

On the occasion of their 5th anniversary, Electrozombies  has published a free compilation in collaboration with several artists: Undead & Open-Minded Volume 1 includes exclusive tracks from Parralox, Machinista and Canal Pop. The free compilation offers 27 artists with songs from the genres of Synth, Electro, Future Pop and Dark Wave including: Junksista, Twisted Destiny, Julien-K, Psy’Aviah and Vivien Glass.… Read more →

Intravenous Magazine - Blood Pack Vol. 3

Free Download: Intravenous Magazine – Blood Pack Vol. 3

The third free compilation album from Intravenous Magazine is now available and marks the third birthday of the webzine. Blood Pack Vol. 3 features music from Monomorte, Machine Rox, Human Traffic, ѦPѺLLYѺN’S ▼ISѦGE, and Ca†hedra plus many more exclusive and unreleased tracks from international gothic, industrial and electronic bands. Blood Pack Vol. 1 and Blood Pack Vol. 2 are also… Read more →

In Death It Ends - V V D V

In Death It Ends free album V V D V

In Death It Ends, the occult-wave project started in 2011 by ex-Rosetta Stone musician Porl King, is releasing a new album V V D V for free today at 7 PM (UK time) – 2 PM (ET). 2015 has been very busy for In Death It Ends and has seen numerous self-released albums, EPs, singles and out-takes including, Reaching Meon, Pomba Gira,… Read more →

Halotan Records - Sampler 09

Halotan Records new compilation: Sampler 09

Halotan Records has released its new free dark electro / industrial compilation Sampler 09. Sampler 09 is a dark electro music compilation. It brings you the cutting edge of club oriented dark electronic sounds. The compilation is focused on music that works on alternative dancefloors, so DJs should pay extra attention to this CD. The hand-picked set of artists featuring… Read more →

Faderhead - The Tokyo Tapes

Free Faderhead EP – The Tokyo Tapes

The Hamburg electronic music producer/vocalist Faderhead is giving away a free EP, The Tokyo Tapes. To get the new EP sign up for the newsletter mailing list at the all new http://www.faderhead.com/. Tracklist: 01. Tokyo Bozo (3:10) 02. Gin Tronic (2:55) 03. Nine Years Of Bad Ideas (2:52) 04. Stranger Is Weirder Than Fiction (3:23) 05. Suffering Is Optional (4:05) Read more →

Astral Darkness - Surreal Dreams

Dark Electronics: Astral Darkness – Surreal Dreams

Astral Darkness has released his new electronic album Surreal Dreams as a free download and has just made public his first official video for the track “Moondance.” The work of Germán Pavelek, a DJ/Electronic music producer from Buenos Aires, Argentina, Astral Darkness debuted in 2013 with Soul Revelations which reached number one in the electronic charts and made the Spanish Top 10… Read more →

German Gothic Isn't Dead

Free Compilation: German Gothic Isn’t Dead

At Sea Compilations has released a new free 30-track compilation titled, German Gothic Isn’t Dead. At Sea Compilations is a German project to create free downloadable compilations with indie- and underground bands. Last year At Sea Compilations asked their listeners about their wishes for a future compilation. One of the most wishes was a compilation about the German gothic music scene. At… Read more →