Free Compilation: German Gothic Isn’t Dead

German Gothic Isn't DeadAt Sea Compilations has released a new free 30-track compilation titled, German Gothic Isn’t Dead.

At Sea Compilations is a German project to create free downloadable compilations with indie- and underground bands.

Last year At Sea Compilations asked their listeners about their wishes for a future compilation. One of the most wishes was a compilation about the German gothic music scene.

At Sea Compilations writes, “The gothic music scene here in Germany changed massively compared with the 80s and 90s. There are a lot of acts with metal and techno sounds, along with bad and stupid lyrics. The most older people of the gothic scene here in Germany don’t like this trend – but it’s hard to find German acts who play “old-fashioned” Goth-Rock and Darkwave music. That is why many people write about the “death of the German gothic scene” in blogs and discussion forums. With German Gothic Isn’t Dead we show and present the other side of the modern German gothic music scene. No Aggrotech, no NDH! Simply Gothic-Rock, melodical Gothic-Metal, Wave and other older styles of dark music.”

Founded by Axel Meßinger in 2013, At Sea Compilations was created to build a bridge between the creative underground music scene and music fans. The project doesn’t belong to any music label – it’s a hobby (non-profit) project, filled with a lot of passion for good music.

A listing and more details of the artists on German Gothic Isn’t Dead can be found here.