In Death It Ends free album V V D V

In Death It Ends - V V D VIn Death It Ends, the occult-wave project started in 2011 by ex-Rosetta Stone musician Porl King, is releasing a new album V V D V for free today at 7 PM (UK time) – 2 PM (ET).

2015 has been very busy for In Death It Ends and has seen numerous self-released albums, EPs, singles and out-takes including, Reaching Meon, Pomba Gira, Beneath Eden, Protogrammaton, Gematria, The Thoughtless Light / The Uncreated Light, Spells, and Serpentine.

The new nine-track album, V V D V, which includes sleeve artwork and a wallet template, is being offered for free in appreciation to the In Death It Ends fans and will be available for download via

V V D V  Track listing:

  1. V V D V I
  2. V V D V I I
  3. V V D V I I I
  4. V V D V I V
  5. V V D V V
  6. V V D V V I
  7. V V D V V I I
  8. V V D V V I I I
  9. V V D V I V