Manic Depression Records – Bipolar Sounds 2020

Manic Depression Records - Bipolar Sounds 2020Paris-based Manic Depression Records has assembled Bipolar Sounds 2020 – a free (pay-as-you-like) compilation that gathers one song of each of its 2020 releases.

The 15-track Bipolar Sounds 2020 is available via Bandcamp.


01 Selfishadows “Time to Change” Taken from MD130 Again

02 Velvet Kills “Bitch Face” Taken from MD120 Bodhi Labyrinth

03 Twin Tribes “The Vessel” Taken from MD098-2 Shadows

04 The Midnight Computers “TEARS” Taken from MD122 Anxious

05 Fall Shock “Retouch” Taken from MD117 Interior

06 Les Tétines Noires “Crazy Horse (Demo 1988)” Taken from MD103 Anthomologies

07 Blind Delon “Mourir Seul” Taken from MD123 Chimères

08 JE T’AIME “The Sound (She Pleasures Herself Remix)” Taken from MD124 En Négatif Remixes

09 Dead Astropilots “Giallo (O+Crime Version)” Taken from MD126 No Control Remixes

10 Raskolnikov “Sold Dead Souls” Taken from MD119 Lazy people will destroy you

11 Christine Plays Viola “In the Dark” Taken from MD121 Fading

12 TRAITRS “The Suffering Of Spiders” Taken from MD097-2 Butcher’s Coin

13 Jeff Clark’s “Confused” Taken from MD127 Ep Collection

14 Jackson VanHorn “Sunday” Taken from MD128 After The Rehearsal

15 Schonwald “Passion of Lovers”  Taken from MD129 Abstraction