Halotan Records new compilation: Sampler 09

Halotan Records - Sampler 09Halotan Records has released its new free dark electro / industrial compilation Sampler 09.

Sampler 09 is a dark electro music compilation. It brings you the cutting edge of club oriented dark electronic sounds. The compilation is focused on music that works on alternative dancefloors, so DJs should pay extra attention to this CD.

The hand-picked set of artists featuring on Sampler 09 create an extremely powerful playlist that leaves the fans no choice but to dance. With 80 percent of the music being classic dark electro with strong beats and remaining songs providing resting space/variation the release contains the perfect formula for dancefloor success.

Sampler 09 is a very fast release. Just over a month has passed since they started working on it. As the compilations are meant to show the recent state of the scene, it only makes sense to release them fast. Halotan Records is committed to very rapid release cycle of Samplers and is already taking entries for Sampler 10.

Featuring bands in Sampler 09 are:
Cynical Existence (Official)
Device Noize
Devilsight Oficial
Prosthesis Unit
Shadow System
Venal Flesh
Viscera Drip