SSiCk – Shift: The Remixes

SSiCk - Shift: The RemixesSSiCk has released ten pieces, the new “Ready to go” + 9 remixes of songs from their last EP Shift, in which each of the bands and musicians invited to collaborate have cleverly reinterpreted my sound according to their personal taste.

SSiCk is a project by Sicilian producer Angelo Russo, now based in London. The purpose of SSiCk, since the beginning, is to explore all possible mix between electronic-music and rock; with dark and intimate lyrics. In 2006 SSiCk collaborated with japanoise artist Kenji Siratori; acclaimed by David Bowie. In 2010 Angelo released his first EP Choose, which is industrial-punk oriented, and played it live with SSiCk-band in a variety of different arrangements and experimentations; being declared sicilian indie Best Live Act from 2004 to 2011.

In 2013 SSiCk released synth-rock oriented EP Shift, promoted with tour and a music-video inspired and supported by Academy Award austrian director Virgil Widrich. In 2014 Angelo produced Grimmates and Stagioni Sintetiche albums for Stridente Records, then signed with Deadfall Artist/Band Management UK and moved in London where he’s presently promoting Shift: The Remixes; remix-album which features best producers and noise-rock band of Sicily and Italy and the video-single READY TO GO: an industrial-rock anthem with a funky flavour.

SSiCk music has been released by independent labels from all around the world, like PicPack Ukraine, ZorchFactoryRecords France, JonicNoise Italy, Deadfall UK, Sombrati Brazil and more.