Italian Darkwave: Halo Effect – Life Is Perfect

Halo Effect - Life Is PerfectItalian band Halo Effect will release its fourth album, Life Is Perfect, October 9th, 2015 on Space Race Records.

Considered as one of the best Italian technological-projects since 2001, Halo Effect have possessed the rare ability to involve listening through a portentous combination among futurepop, electropop, EBM and darkwave, characterized by increasing rhythms and ‘very-catchy’ / super-danceable harmonies.

The new full-length is a real, efficient generator of energy and melody, concentrated in sixteen songs in which the vocalist spreads atmospheric, passionate intonations, while the propulsion of drum-programming draw geometric traces and synths adorn the structures by avant-garde modulations, all in a fantastic triumph of futurism, meaningful lyrics and highly seductive electronic musicality. Halo Effect prove to have assimilated only the best from the European techno-pop, conceiving and materializing impeccable architectures in a complete, authoritative album of strong resonance, inevitably destined to an unprecedented success. Life Is Pefect is a release that will pull you in from the first track to the last, in a succession of irresistible dynamism, intelligence and futuristic sonic combinations.

01. The Game Of Life 05:08
02. Alone 04:07
03. My Mistakes 04:24
04. White Flag 04:31
05. The Killer In Me 04:40
06. Hardcore 04:23
07. Defeated 03:45
08. The Secret I Know 03:40
09. Teddy Boy 03:46
10. Among The Flowers 04:21
11. Again 03:55
12. You’ll Never Catch Me 05:38
13. Dancing Lights 04:45
14. Skyline 05:11
15. Wintery Fall 04:51
16. Made of Flowers 02:42