Electrozombies: Undead & Open-Minded Volume 1

Electrozombies Undead and Open-Minded Volume 1On the occasion of their 5th anniversary, Electrozombies  has published a free compilation in collaboration with several artists: Undead & Open-Minded Volume 1 includes exclusive tracks from Parralox, Machinista and Canal Pop.

The free compilation offers 27 artists with songs from the genres of Synth, Electro, Future Pop and Dark Wave including: Junksista, Twisted Destiny, Julien-K, Psy’Aviah and Vivien Glass.

3 exclusive tracks are included: the band Machinista joins in with their track “Dark Heart Of Me” in a special Electrozombies version, Parralox contribute their exclusive cover version of Depeche Mode’s “Fools,” and the Argentine band Canal Pop Feat. Josefina Aufranc presents a previously unreleased track.

Undead And Open-Minded Volume 1 was set up by Thomas Frenken, who founded the Video Blog Electrozombies in 2010. As a professional graphic designer he is also responsible for the artwork. Frenken has also worked on the project ‘depecherockcovers.com’ with two Depeche Mode Tributes having been published for free. Both were very successful and each was downloaded over 48,000 times.

The Undead And Open-Minded Volume 1 tracklist:

  1. Parralox – Fools (Depeche Mode Cover)
  2. Ash Code – Crucified
  3. Love? – I Walk Alone (Special Video Edit)
  4. Sexy Suicide – Diary Of Moon
  5. Psy’Aviah – From Another World (Cyborgdrive Remix)
  6. Atomzero – Velocity
  7. Model Depose – Particles
  8. Twisted Destiny – Love & Hate
  9. Machinista – Dark Heart Of Me (Electrozombies Version)
  10. Julien-K – Deep Beat Overground
  11. Junksista – Secrets
  12. Vivien Glass – Honey Bee (Hexa Mix)
  13. nTTx – Falls Beautiful
  14. The Sweetest Condition – Control
  15. Comasoft – Paper Cut
  16. Electrogenic – The Deluge
  17. Astari Nite – The Boy Who Tried
  18. Dust Heaven – Dark Gray (Gary Numan Cover)
  19. Marina Massanova – Cyber
  20. Controlxoxo – The Quick And The Dirty
  21. Cosaquitos En Globo – Lost in This World (Feat Carlos Shaw & Ernesto Romeo)
  22. Synthonation – The Saviour
  23. Canal Pop – Future Nights (Feat. Josefina Aufranc) (Previously Unreleased Track)
  24. Eurotix – The Innocent Years
  25. Scarlet Soho – Professionals
  26. Train To Spain – BlipBlop
  27. Capital X – Family Business