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Lucidstatic - You Are Here

Remix Album: Lucidstatic – You Are Here

Alaskan electronic artist Lucidstatic, also known as James Church, has released You Are Here, his is a collection of remixes from material released on The Wreckage ( CRL Studios) and Fatalist (Signifier). The resulting mixes are diverse in genre and shed new light on old works. Remixers include Testube, Cold Therapy, Corroded Master, iammynewt, Mind.Divided and more! Lucidstatic combines a… Read more →

Urilia - The Advesarial Light

New Extreme Metal: Urilia – The Adversarial Light

Urilia, featuring ex-members of Dawn of Ashes, As Summer Dies, & Demona Mortiss, are set to release a new extreme metal EP titled The Adversarial Light August 11th. The band from Hollywood, California is approaching what it is doing as “taking the sound of European metal and blending it with a dark and heavy American metal style.” In an interview… Read more →

Pure Ground - Standard of Living

Album Review: Pure Ground – Standard of Living

Standard of Living is the second LP by Pure Ground who are on Chondritic Sound. The band from Los Angeles has been creating minimal electronic industrial music with harmonies and discordant elements since 2012. Member G. Holger and J. Short use influences of science fiction and horror to produce a sound that presents dystopian reality and contemporary warfare by way… Read more →


Album Review: Dark – Dark

Swedish gothic rock band Dark release their debut self-titled album Dark on Wormhole Death Records. With ex-members of gothic metal band Beseech (1992-present), death metal band Skineater (2008-2014) and the hard rock band The Mary Major (2006-2013), Dark are made up of Erik Molarin (Vocals/Guitar), Jonas Strömberg (Lead Guitar), and Jörgen Ström (Bass). Dark, who hail from Borås in southern Sweden, formed as a band in December 2012.… Read more →

Lassigue Bendthaus - Cloned

Flashback 1992: Lassigue Bendthaus – Cloned

Lassigue Bendthaus was the work of German electronic music producer Uwe Schmidt. The first work under the name Lassigue Bendthaus came on a cassette album The Engineers Love released in 1988 via the label he co-founded with Roman Rütten – N.G. Medien. This was followed by Matter in 1991 on the German industrial label Parade Amoureuse. In 1992 Lassigue Bendthaus… Read more →


Album Review: Flesh – Skin

Formed in 2012, Flesh is the French electro duo consisting of Antoine Lauzel (programming and vocals) and Thomas Szodrak (live drums). They have released their first album Skin on Audiotrauma CD and Bandcamp digital download. Flesh have set out to create music that is electric, exhilarating and resonates with a brutal atmosphere, they cite their influences to be The Prodigy, Justice,… Read more →

Ego Likeness - When The Wolves Return

Album Review: Ego Likeness – When The Wolves Return

Ego Likeness, the long running musical project of artist Steven Archer and writer Donna Lynch, are set to release their new album When The Wolves Return on Metropolis Records. This marks the fifth album by the band since creating a 4-track demo called Songs From a Dead City that was self-released in 1999. Since their last studio album Breedless was… Read more →

Meat Beat Manifesto - Storm The Studio

Flashback 1989: Meat Beat Manifesto – Storm The Studio

Storm The Studio by Meat Beat Manifesto released in 1989 on Wax Trax! Records was then and is still today a masterpiece of electronic sound. In it you find an unbelievable combination of funk, industrial rhythms, break beats, hip-hop, noise and rap that to this day sounds as groundbreaking as when it debuted. Four tracks “God O.D.,” “Re-Animator,” “Strap Down,”… Read more →

Consumer Junk - Pusher

Album Review: Consumer Junk – Pusher

As they describe themselves, the members of Consumer Junk from Utrecht, Gerwin van Ruiswijk, Niels Muijen, Marcel Verschoor, and Etienne Baegen produce music that is “rough, technoid, brutal and full of energy – and that is all you need to know.” Their new album Pusher accentuates all those points. Pusher displays loud, high energy techno beats along with a range of… Read more →

Then Comes Silence - Nyctophilian

Album Review: Then Comes Silence ‎– Nyctophilian

The third album from Then Comes Silence is titled Nyctophilian and it brings darkness and romantic death via music and sounds performed on guitars at deafening volume. The four piece band on Novoton formed in 2012 in Stockholm, Sweden bring a stylish sound that recalls the gothic rock sounds of Christian Death and Bauhaus as well as the angst of… Read more →