New Extreme Metal: Urilia – The Adversarial Light

UriliaUrilia, featuring ex-members of Dawn of Ashes, As Summer Dies, & Demona Mortiss, are set to release a new extreme metal EP titled The Adversarial Light August 11th.

Urilia - The Advesarial LightThe band from Hollywood, California is approaching what it is doing as “taking the sound of European metal and blending it with a dark and heavy American metal style.” In an interview with Soundcrave Magazine, Urilia band members share their plan to produce new metal music in an organic fashion that delivers a message. On Facebook the band states, “This new group is a hybrid of all styles of extreme metal with a message from a path of dark spirituality and left hand path beliefs.”

Ushering the new era of extreme metal Kristof Bathory  (Vocals, Music, Left Hand Path Propaganda), Grey (Guitars), Paris Giraud (Guitars), Angel Dies (Bass , Female Vocals), Bahemoth (Keyboards) and Levi Xul (Drums) use The Adversarial Light to introduce five blistering tracks with up-front guitars that are not only fast and loud but touch on melodic and symphonic sounds.

A preview of the EP The Adversarial Light showcases all the brutal elements that Urilia has used to produce the extreme metal sound. Strong vocals, that are deafening and harsh, support the vicious guitar sounds and aggressive drumming throughout this release. With each track building the intensity of the sound, the heavy style and atmospheric elements along with driving rhythms on the EP create a great dark metal experience.

The The Adversarial Light EP was mixed and mastered by Mick Kenney.

Track Listing:
1. The Adversarial Light (Intro featuring Michael W. Ford)
2. I am Nephilim
3. Bleeding Perfection
4. Ordained by the Hydra
5. Core of the Black Sun

Pre-sales start July 21st. Visit Urilia on Facebook and Twitter for more information.