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Aenthology 2010-2020

Aenthology 2010-2020

German gothic rock band Aeon Sable have released Aenthology 2010-2020, a remastered selection of nine of their most well-known tracks along with a new previously unreleased one. This new collection is now available via Bandcamp as a digital download as well as in a 6-panel CD Digipack that is shipping within seven days. AENTHOLOGY 2010-2020 by Aeon Sable More

The Augments Project

Awaken: New Video from The Augments Project

Los Angeles based Metal band The Augments Project have released their “Awaken” music video off their new EP of the same name, available now through Bandcamp. The video was written by Jimmy Trigger, directed by Jimmy Trigger & Brian Cox, and filmed and edited by Brian Cox. The track is also available for free download on the band’s Reverb Nation… More

Urilia - The Advesarial Light

New Extreme Metal: Urilia – The Adversarial Light

Urilia, featuring ex-members of Dawn of Ashes, As Summer Dies, & Demona Mortiss, are set to release a new extreme metal EP titled The Adversarial Light August 11th. The band from Hollywood, California is approaching what it is doing as “taking the sound of European metal and blending it with a dark and heavy American metal style.” In an interview… More