Front 242 Remix Contest & Free Tracks

Front 242 Remix ContestThe Belgian cult electronic act FRONT 242 has announced the imminent release of a free 2-track download single – “Lovely Day (Remastered)”/”Take One (RADICALG Mix)” – via Bandcamp.

The remastered “Lovely Day” track acts as a teaser for the upcoming remastered version of the iconic 1984 album No Comment which will showcase the album’s innovative sound in its best audio quality possible today. You will be able to hear the album on vinyl and cd with the improvements or differences permitted by today’s audio technology.

As an extra you’ll also get the previously unreleased RADICALG remix of “Take One.” FRONT 242 this time also challenges your creative skills and opens a remix competition by including to this single a remix kit for this classic track “Take One” taken from their cult debut album Geography. You can find the download link for the remix kit in the PDF that is included in your download as bonus.

FRONT 242 will select their 3 favourite remixes to be inserted in a second free download single which will be released on August 30th! Deadline for the remix submission (in non-mastered WAV 16bit format) is August 15th 2015, you can send your submissions to using dropbox or wetransfer! Make sure to title your remix by adding your band/artist/DJ name to the WAV file title.

Visit Bandcamp for the files and more information.