July 13, 2015

Album Review: Dark – Dark

Dark-DarkSwedish gothic rock band Dark release their debut self-titled album Dark on Wormhole Death Records.

With ex-members of gothic metal band Beseech (1992-present), death metal band Skineater (2008-2014) and the hard rock band The Mary Major (2006-2013), Dark are made up of Erik Molarin (Vocals/Guitar), Jonas Strömberg (Lead Guitar), and Jörgen Ström (Bass).

Dark, who hail from Borås in southern Sweden, formed as a band in December 2012. Their message to fans is clear – they are setting out to start their “journey into the abyss of gothrock and with great experience and songwriting talents given by the demons the material practically wrote itself.”


A very well crafted album, Dark showcases great songwriting and the instrumental skills of its members. Solemn and dark, each track on the album is characterized by the subtle sounds of the guitars and deep vocals to create a welcomed gothic rock debut.

Stand-out songs include “Distance” and “Gold” with their memorable hooks and lyrics as well as quicker rock tempo on “Incomplete and Medicated.” While “Caged” and “Gold” shine in the backdrop of excellent musical composition and reveal the raw emotion that is Dark.