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Blood Pack Vol. 5 - VA

Blood Pack Vol. 5 – VA

Begin 2018 with Blood Pack Vol. 5 – a 24  track compilation from Intravenous Magazine that features Angelspit, The Gothsicles, Deadfilmstar, Sounds Like Winter, Noir, Hardcore Pong, Cynical Existence, Veil of Thorns, Cold Therapy, Chiron, as well as 13 exclusive tracks that are available as a free download via Bandcamp – however you can also name-your-price on this excellent collection with proceeds going to DKMS UK… Read more →

Silent Flights on Loudest Nights Vol. 3 - VA

Silent Flights on Loudest Nights Vol. 3 – VA

Radio Nachtflug from Bonn, Germany has released their latest dark alternative compilation by various artists – Silent Flights on Loudest Nights Volume 3 as a free download via Bandcamp. The collection of 45 tracks includes music by The Devil & the Universe, Then Comes Silence, Lust Era, nTTx, Massiv in Mensch, and Absurd Minds. Silent Flights on loudest Nights Vol. 3 by… Read more →

Audiotrauma Fest 2015 Compilation

Audiotrauma Fest 2015 Compilation

French label Audiotrauma has released a new compilation – AUDIOTRAUMA FEST 2K15 via Bandcamp. The collection features tracks from the Audiotrauma Fest 2015 (post industrial & deviant electronic music festival), held in Prague this past December 4th and 5th. Audiotrauma was started a collective of electronic musicians in Strasbourg, France. The collective went on to produce music, graphics, and videos.… Read more →

Side-Line Magazine Face The Beat: Session 3

Side-Line Magazine Face The Beat: Session 3

Side-Line Magazine is releasing their new Face The Beat compilation of electro / industrial / experimental bands based all over the world: Face The Beat: Session 3. The bands featured are supporting Side-Line’s charity work with O Allos Anthropos (A Different Person), a mobile kitchen in Greece, Athens which is supporting the poorest citizens there with daily warm meals. Face The Beat: Session 3 was… Read more →

Halotan Records - Sampler 09

Halotan Records new compilation: Sampler 09

Halotan Records has released its new free dark electro / industrial compilation Sampler 09. Sampler 09 is a dark electro music compilation. It brings you the cutting edge of club oriented dark electronic sounds. The compilation is focused on music that works on alternative dancefloors, so DJs should pay extra attention to this CD. The hand-picked set of artists featuring… Read more →

German Gothic Isn't Dead

Free Compilation: German Gothic Isn’t Dead

At Sea Compilations has released a new free 30-track compilation titled, German Gothic Isn’t Dead. At Sea Compilations is a German project to create free downloadable compilations with indie- and underground bands. Last year At Sea Compilations asked their listeners about their wishes for a future compilation. One of the most wishes was a compilation about the German gothic music scene. At… Read more →

Halotan Records - Sampler 08

Halotan Records free dark electro: Sampler 08

Dark Electro, Aggrotech, Goth, Industrial label, Halotan Records have released a free electronic compilation showcasing hard and aggressive side of the dark independent scene. Sampler 08 is full of club oriented songs that will keep the underground dance floors full. Those always hungry to find new dark electronic sounds will find a proper fix of sounds filled with hard beats,… Read more →

Alfa-Matrix - Matrix Downloaded 004

Free Compilation: Alfa Matrix – Matrix Downloaded 004

Belgium’s Alfa Matrix label is celebrating its 14th birthday with the 4th edition of the new Matrix Downloaded series: Matrix Downloaded 004 compilation. This FREE (or pay as you wish) compilation is available in downloadable MP3/FLAC quality on the label’s Bandcamp page that also includes the three previous editions of the Matrix Downloaded albums. The Matrix Downloaded 004 compilation features… Read more →