Free Compilation: Alfa Matrix – Matrix Downloaded 004

Alfa-Matrix - Matrix Downloaded 004Belgium’s Alfa Matrix label is celebrating its 14th birthday with the 4th edition of the new Matrix Downloaded series: Matrix Downloaded 004 compilation.

This FREE (or pay as you wish) compilation is available in downloadable MP3/FLAC quality on the label’s Bandcamp page that also includes the three previous editions of the Matrix Downloaded albums.

The Matrix Downloaded 004 compilation features 57 songs that reflect the Alfa Matrix music repertoire in the full-force of its diversity.

Just like the recent additions to the Alfa Matrix family members (VENAL FLESH, THE PSYCHIC FORCE, LLUMEN, ENTRZELLE, DREAM RECALL…), many other label bands also seized the opportunity of this compilation to showcase brand new songs or previously unreleased mixes including BRUDERSCHAFT, ZOMBIE GIRL, HELALYN FLOWERS, KOMOR KOMMANDO, ACYLUM, I:SCINTILLA, AIBOFORCEN, NÖVÖ, STUDIO-X vs. SIMON CARTER, XMH, SIVA SIX, NEIKKA RPM, AENGELDUST, SCHWARZBLUT, PSY’AVIAH, JUNKSISTA, TECHNOIR, STUDIO-X, DIFFUZION, KANT KINO, PNE, and SEBASTIAN KOMOR.