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Skin Contact - Machine Intelligence

Dark Noise: Skin Contact – Machine Intelligence

Dark electro artist Skin Contact has put together a new album that skillfully presents an electronic soundscape that evokes mystery and disorientation with its dreary environment. Machine Intelligence is Skin Contact’s first full-length album in 7 years and offers 11-tracks that mutate in a caustic and unfamiliar dark electronic approach giving us a glimpse into the ambient and experimental work of Kevin Breidenbach. Producing music since 1997… Read more →

Pride and Fall - Red For The Dead - Black For The Mourning

Pride And Fall: Red For The Dead – Black For The Mourning

Pride And Fall, the Norwegian electronic band of Sigve Monsen, Per Waagen, and Svein Joar Auglænd Johnsen have released their fifth studio album Red For The Dead – Black For The Mourning via Dependent Records and is now available on Bandcamp and the Dependent store. The band explains their inspiration for the title Red For The Dead – Black For The Mourning: “According to Chinese burial… Read more →

Euphorbia - Eternal Lie

Brazilian Dark Electro: Euphorbia – Eternal Lie

Check out the latest release from Euphorbia the Dark Electro duo from Porto Alegre, Brazil — the album is available via Bandcamp and includes a remix by the Brazilian electro-industrial act Nahtaivel, with whom Euphorbia has collaborated several times in the past years. Formed in the end of 2005, the duo of Ulisses Righi (voice and programming) and Cirion Barboza (synths… Read more →

Brutal Resonance - Phase One

Free Download: Brutal Resonance – Phase One

Brutal Resonance is proud to announce their first free compilation BRUTAL RESONANCE: PHASE ONE – this 20-track collection of dark electronic tracks is being offered at a name-your-price via Bandcamp. Beginning off as a competition held between February 18th, 2016 and March 18th, 2016, over forty different musicians submitted tracks to be featured on the industrial/EBM/dark-electro gathering. Brutal Resonance staff… Read more →

Invoke The Insult - You Can Trust

Invoke The Insult – You Can Trust

You Can Trust is the name of the new album release by Swedish duo Invoke The Insult from Gothenburg, Sweden via EK Product due May 20, 2016 on Digipak CD Album and Digital Album. Active for the past five years, Invoke The Insult (ITI) have been working under different names for other projects going back to 1989. Inspired by The Klinik, X Marks The Pedwalk,… Read more →

Plastic Noise Experience - Push And Punish

Plastic Noise Experience – Push And Punish

Alfa Matrix has announced that it will soon be releasing Push and Punish, a limited edition vinyl LP by Plastic Noise Experience – EBM veteran Claus Kruse has made exclusive “vinyl remixes” of 11 songs taken from his sophomore “Therapy” album for a “12” extended version feel. The vinyl to be released May 27th can be ordered from: alfa-matrix-store.com/plastic-noise-experience-punish-and-punish-vinyl-cd The vinyl edition also includes a CD… Read more →

Front 242 - Detox Static EP

Free Download: Front 242 – Detox Static EP

Alfa Matrix has released a new EP from Front 242 exclusively via Bandcamp that can be downloaded for free. The Detox Static EP features a remastered version of “Take One,” plus the remix work by the top 3 winners of the remix competition held last year as well as an additional 3 mixes. Overwhelmed by the success of the competition and the… Read more →