Invoke The Insult – You Can Trust

Invoke The InsultInvoke The Insult - You Can TrustYou Can Trust is the name of the new album release by Swedish duo Invoke The Insult from Gothenburg, Sweden via EK Product due May 20, 2016 on Digipak CD Album and Digital Album.

Active for the past five years, Invoke The Insult (ITI) have been working under different names for other projects going back to 1989.

Inspired by The Klinik, X Marks The Pedwalk, Invisible Spirit, Skinny Puppy, Front 242, Frontline Assembly, Cat Rapes Dog, Cabaret Voltaire, Ministry, Das Ich and many more, ITI base their work on their love for the electronic machines and its ability to create sound. The fluctuations and unnatural noise takes their experience to a level rarely found in other music. Their dedication to industrial music is something they always had in common. ITI try to renew, simplify and strengthen their common interest and thus contribute to the genre they live for.

You Can Trust Track Listing

01. Introvert   4:25
02. Drowning   5:07
03. Unever Terms   3:10
04. Hatelunch   5:10
05. Deadrage   6:09
06. Smothely Insain   5:50
07. With Me   4:29
08. Help Me Up   4:51
09. Move Along   6:17
10. My Drug (Mental Metal)   5:22
11. Failing System   5:01
12. Extrovert   4:27
13. Falling Free (bonus)   4:02