Plastic Noise Experience – Push And Punish

Plastic Noise Experience - Push And PunishAlfa Matrix has announced that it will soon be releasing Push and Punish, a limited edition vinyl LP by Plastic Noise Experience – EBM veteran Claus Kruse has made exclusive “vinyl remixes” of 11 songs taken from his sophomore “Therapy” album for a “12” extended version feel.

The vinyl to be released May 27th can be ordered from:

The vinyl edition also includes a CD version of the LP songs plus 8 bonus exclusive remixes by other EBM acts ORANGE SECTOR, NORDARR, MRDTC, T.H. INDUSTRY, AKALOTZ, DIE6, CITRIC ACID and SOLAR POWERED VAMPYRE.

Titled after the band’s latest club hit, Push and Punish displays the German cult-act’s ultimate aggressive sonic assault made of ripping basslines, hammering beats, fast dark electro sequences, powerful angry male vocals and carrying electronic melodies.

6 additional exclusive remixes are made available on the Bandcamp version, these include remixes by IMPLANT, IT, MEZIRE, T.A.N.K., ASTMA and WHITE TRASH WANKERS.