New Party Army release Warm Leatherette

New Party Army - Warm LeatheretteElectro-industrial metal band New Party Army from Barnsley in Yorkshire, England have released their cover of “Warm Leatherette.”

“Warm Leatherette” is a song originally by Daniel Miller’s project, The Normal, released in 1978. The lyrics reference J.G. Ballard’s controversial 1973 novel Crash. It has since been described as having “revolutionized electronic music with its punk aesthetic, stark sound and dark subject matter” and has been covered by numerous artists. These now include New Party Army.

New Party Army describe themselves as a band that, “explores a dark musical landscape of crunching guitars and electronic beats. New Party Army paints with broad brushstrokes of sound discarding traditional rock structures for ambiance and feeling. Although most folk say we’re just a noisy freaking electro-industrial dark wave metal band.”