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LA-X - El Lado Oscuro Del Alma

El Lado Oscuro Del Alma: new album from LA-X

Mexican dark electro outfit LA-X have released their latest album El Lado Oscuro Del Alma via Bandcamp. The double cd album features an electro-industrial sound inspired by Deus Ex Machina, C-Lekktor, Isis Signum, Cold Sequence, Disfunción Orgánica, and Amduscia. This is the third album released by Indra (Synths) and Rüzer (Vocals) and follows Energía Roja (2012) and El Sepulcro de… Read more →

Sleetgrout - Farewell, Nit!

Free Download: Sleetgrout – Farewell, Nit!

Insane Records presents Farewell, Nit!, the new EP by Russian dark electro group Sleetgrout. The EP is being distributed for free via Bandcamp as a way to bring joy to their old fans and help get their sound out to new listeners. With this EP Sleetgrout have started to use unusual ways of songwriting and mixing genres. The EP includes… Read more →

Saw Neptune - Fatalities

New Aggrotech: Saw_Neptune – Fatalities

Saw_Neptune, the side project of UK-based Ion Plasma Incineration, will release its second album Fatalities October 31st, 2015. Fatalities follows the 2013 debut for Saw_Neptune Beneath A Scarlet Maelstrom which brought scorching melodies, pounding glitched beats, brutal inhuman vocals and aggressive synth basses with the occasional use of traditional Chinese instruments mixed in – aimed squarely at the dance-floor. Compared… Read more →

Liiaiira - Fiends

Dark Electro: Liiaiira – Fiends

The ambient music composer from Boise, Idaho Liiaiira is set to release an 8 track album featuring remixes by X-Fusion and TBA. Founded in 2013 after several years of working in the music industry composing under the name Heartforged, Liiaiira was crafted out of the pain of loneliness and longing, as a way of bringing joy to others through intricate piano… Read more →

Schwarzblut - Judas EP

New Schwarzblut Video & EP – Judas

From Holland, Schwarzblut, have just released a new video which goes hand-in-hand with today’s release of their 10-track EP Judas on Bandcamp, Spotify and also on iTunes. This is the 2nd EP taken from their 3rd full-length album Gebeyn Aller Verdammten which was released a few months ago on Alfa Matrix. For those who already have that album, it was… Read more →

Halotan Records - Sampler 09

Halotan Records new compilation: Sampler 09

Halotan Records has released its new free dark electro / industrial compilation Sampler 09. Sampler 09 is a dark electro music compilation. It brings you the cutting edge of club oriented dark electronic sounds. The compilation is focused on music that works on alternative dancefloors, so DJs should pay extra attention to this CD. The hand-picked set of artists featuring… Read more →

Die Sektor - The Void Trilogy

Die Sektor – The Void Trilogy: 2 months of US touring

Die Sektor will be re-pressing their last three albums – each disc with previously unreleased bonus tracks and alternate art to the original releases. The collection will be available on October 1, 2015 from Digital World Audio. The 4CD collection includes, Applied Structure in a Void (Studio Album) – 2011, The Final Electro Solution (Studio Album) – 2012 and (-)existence… Read more →

Terrolokaust - Mix The Poison Up

Terrolokaust – Mix The Poison Up

Terrolokaust have a new digital release, Mix The Poison Up, with numerous remixes that include C-Lekktor, Ivardensphere, Rotersand, Panic Lift and FGFC820. The group from Barcelona, Spain have recently reissued, Spit The Poison Out, an album that spent 8 consecutive weeks in the Top Ten of the Deutsche Alternative Charts, peaking at #3, and was the band’s first US release… Read more →