Free Download: Sleetgrout – Farewell, Nit!

Sleetgrout - Farewell, Nit!Insane Records presents Farewell, Nit!, the new EP by Russian dark electro group Sleetgrout. The EP is being distributed for free via Bandcamp as a way to bring joy to their old fans and help get their sound out to new listeners.

With this EP Sleetgrout have started to use unusual ways of songwriting and mixing genres. The EP includes three new original tracks and few remixes. The tracks were composed to be different and this is the hallmark of the previous album and the group’s way of working going forward.

Collaboration on the EP includes Georg from Cygnosic providing guest vocals in Russian for “I Bought Coffins” and Rita, the only girl in Sleetgrout, adding vocals on “Just Want To Bite.”