Spiritual Cramp Gothic Festival

Spiritual Cramp Gothic FestivalWake The Dead presents Spiritual Cramp Gothic Festival Sunday August 13th 2017 4pm – 2am in Denver, Colorado at the historic Church of the Seven Candles, built in 1865.

Here is all the information and line-up on the event from Wake The Dead:

The Spiritual Cramp Gothic Festival gathers some of the best Gothic and Deathrock clubs from all around the US, and having them all in three rooms, for one long night of blasphemy!

DAVID J – From the better than well-known Bauhaus & Love and Rockets will perform a special DJ set sure to make you swoon and dance


LUCAS LANTHIER (Cinema Strange) – Lucas Lanthier first began entertaining audiences in the late ’80s with post-industrial experimental act Mr. Them and the Granite Slab. Later, he helped evolve California deathrock with the now somewhat legendary CINEMA STRANGE. Later still, he helped evolve community musical theater with the always surprising Deadfly Ensemble. Blending material from his various projects, Lanthier continues a manic dissipation, dispensing melodic lore and foreboding to his international acolytes. To behold this titan of turpitude in the throes of his distemper is to witness a miraculous confluence of songcraft, lip gloss and desolation.

THE BRICKBATS – NYC – 22 years and counting, however, these guys don’t crawl out of the crypts often, so don’t miss out on the chance to miss the insanity of one of the greatest “undead rock n’ roll” bands to come from the NY underground!

TRAGIC BLACK – SLC – Over 17 years of pushing Deathrock and Goth down the throats of the world, we are excited to host these ghouls at SPIRITUAL CRAMP.

ECHO BEDS – DENVER – Rarely do you get a chance to see a band that has created their own sound and stage show, see the Echo Beds in the one spot they absolutely belong…under the roof of gods house.


WILLIAM FAITH- An artist with a career spanning 28 years. Currently fronting Chicago’s dark alternative darlings The Bellwether Syndicate, with partner “Scary Lady” Sarah Rose, he is known primarily in goth circles for his work in Faith and the Muse, with his history as a member of seminal bands such as Christian Death, Shadow Project, Mephisto Walz, March Violets and Sex Gang Children providing ample goth cred.

SCARY LADY SARAH – Chicago – club Nocturna is now in its 29th year! She has DJ’d all over North America and Europe, being a staple at Whitby Gothic Weekend in the U.K., Wave-Gotik-Treffen (WGT) in Germany, and many more as well.

RELEASE THE BATS – The infamous California Deathrock club that changed the world! Original Deathrock, Gothic and Alternative, spun by resident Doom Jockeys Dave Bats, Jenn Bats, and Reanimator!

DJ MALEFIC – MEMENTO MORI – Get the chance to dance in this trad goth N.Y.C. Club amongst the holy walls of the Seven Candles as DJ Malefic brings you all the spook you can handle!

WAKE THE DEAD- These Radio Scarlet members bring Denver their loudest and creepiest old school Gothic and Deathrock extravaganza, with resident DJs Mr & Mrs HoodBats and JunkYard, transforming their space into something out of Nick Fiends wet dreams!

DJ RICKBATS – From San Antonio, RickBats has been dj’ing consistently in the Goth scene since 2000. Past residencies include Synthetic Void, Skeleton Danse, Nox, Stitches, Decayed Lace radio show and most recently Dark Entries and 1313. Notable guest spots include Saturnalia, Convergence, Dracula’s Ball, Drop Dead, Back To The Grave, San La Muerte and Wave Gotik Treffen.

DAVEY BONES – THE HANGING GARDEN – Long time San Francisco DJ, Radio Host, Musician and Promoter, Davey Bones will curate an atmosphere of true damnation!

Boyhollow is an old goth that plays music for hipsters, indie-rockers, bass-heads, gays, party kids, gender-crushers, meat-heads, woo girls and even the occasional hippie. He doesn’t believe in writing bios containing a bunch of cliches about what an awesome DJ he is. He’d rather be making you dance.

He is co-founder of Lipgloss (est. 2001), Denver’s longest running and most awarded club-night. Lipgloss was instrumental in – if not arguably responsible for – creating Denver’s indie dance scene.

He has worked with, performed at and produced parties with some of music’s biggest names, including, but not limited to New Order, Devo, Peter Hook (Joy Division, New Order), Andy Rourke and Mike Joyce (The Smiths) and many more that have fallen into the drunken haze of time.

DJ ROLAND – Longtime Denver DJ Roland, spinning at multiple clubs since 2002. Roland plays everything from Industrial to electroclash, from death rock to EBM.

DJ SLAVE1 – Denver based DJ specializing in Industrial/EBM/Darkwave/Synthpop/Electro & other stompy-shake-your-ass-beats! Slave1 has been one of the DJ pillars of the dark alternative music scene for over 17 years with an immense resume that covers almost every Denver nightclub past & present!

DJ MATTE BLACK AND BATBOY- Founders of the Colorado Goth Fest in Colorado Springs, and long time DJs at the Zodiac, Batboy brings you the best in horror punk, deathrock, and goth, while Matte Black turns it around and whoops you in classic and new industrial, EBM and goth.

MUDWULF – Agent of chaos, purveyor of dark infectious dance groves, and a friendly underground atmosphere.

From Salt Lake City comes Tragic Black frontman under the moniker DJ Vision. From the ever popular Area 51’s Friday nights called “Santuary”, playing everything from new wave to industrial.

Don’t miss the showing of Rozz Williams’ film PIG under the roof of a once holy church! many other short films will also be screened.

Vendors from the best record labels and merchants!


GA for 21+ – $25 presale
GA for 18+ – $35 – VERY LIMITED NUMBER of 18+ tickets available


Private table in the Figurative Theatre (green room) all access to artists and not just a meet a greet, but you will be partying with all of us all night long!

Special Gift Bag with more treasure than you can handle – merch from many of the artists, DJs and vendors!

Spiritual cramp T-shirts, patches and pins

Free entry to 3 Wake the Dead events!

The ability to look down at the peasants and wave to them as you have David J pour you another drink.

Don’t miss this historic night – 5+ goth clubs and performances under one church’s roof for a night that will surely damn all of our souls!

Why do you want to go? The largest gathering of goth clubs and acts in one historic church, right smack in the middle of the US, of course!


Experience something different!

This is an 18+ event -however, under 21 tickets are VERY LIMITED so get them quickly as they WILL sell out, and once they’re gone, they’re gone! To snag your tickets, go to – https://nightout.com/events/spiritual-cramp/tickets