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Virgin in Veil - Permanent Funeral

Virgin in Veil – Permanent Funeral

In case you missed it this weekend, Virgin in Veil has released their latest album Permanent Funeral featuring 10-tracks of great Finnish post-punk / deathrock. The new album is available as a digital download and CD pressed by Danse Macabre Records via Bandcamp. Also check out the band’s “Darkness At Noon” music video. Permanent Funeral by Virgin in Veil More

Pawns - Monuments of Faith EP

Pawns – Monuments of Faith EP

New York City band Pawns have a new 3-track EP release Monuments of Faith due April 1. A limited edition 7″ vinyl with insert is being put out by UK Inflammable Material while a US 12″ version will be available from Near Dark / Last Hour Records. Monuments Of Faith EP by PAWNS More

Detoxi - Death of a Nation

Detoxi – Death of a Nation

California death-rock / punk band Detoxi have released Death of a Nation, their debut 5-track album via Bandcamp. Detoxi will be playing live along with Subhumans and Final Conflict on May 31st at The Garage in Ventura, California. Death Of A Nation by DETOXI More

Virgin in Veil - Twisted Thrills

Virgin in Veil – Twisted Thrills

Finnish deathrock band Virgin in Veil has released their second full-length 10-track album Twisted Thrills on Danse Macabre Records. Get it from Bandcamp. The band has put out a promo Youtube video for the first  track from the album – “Of Tears and Poisons” – check out Jacques Saph: Vocals/Bass, Suzi Sabotage: Synth/Backing Vocals, Rudy Soininen: Guitar, and William Freyermuth: Drums.… More

Mark of the Sphinx - Buried

Mark of the Sphinx – Buried

With influences ranging from Rozz Williams, Virgin Prunes, Sex Gang Children, to Bauhaus, The Cure, and Skinny Puppy – solo musician Mark of the Sphinx delivers deathrock, post-punk and darkwave sounds on his full-length debut Buried available on Bandcamp. BURIED by Mark of the Sphinx More

Seven Veils In Transylvania (Compilation)

Seven Veils In Transylvania (Compilation)

Greek Do What Thou Wilt Records has a new compilation Seven Veils In Transylvania available on Bandcamp featuring an assortment of 34 darkwave, deathrock, and goth tracks. Seven Veils In Transylvania (Compilation) by Do What Thou Wilt Records More

Ritual Howls - Their Body

Ritual Howls – Their Body

Ritual Howls are back with Their Body EP that follows up their third album, Into The Water, released a little over a year ago on Felte. The new EP will be available September 22nd via Bandcamp and is also being released in a limited edition vinyl. Their Body by Ritual Howls More

Virgin in Veil - Twisted Thrills

Virgin in Veil – Twisted Thrills

Finnish post-punk / deathrock band Virgin in Veil will be releasing their second album Twisted Thrills September 29th via Danse Macabre Records. Established in 2015 in Helsinki by Jacques Saph (Secular Plague, Masquerade, ex-Sleeping Children), Virgin in Veil already have several releases available for purchase through Bandcamp and they have performed throughout Europe, Russia, USA and Mexico and have recently played at the 2017 Wave… More

Ötzi - Ghosts

Ötzi – Ghosts

Rising up from the Oakland, California music scene, deathrock/post-punk band Ötzi is set to release their debut LP Ghosts September 1st. The new album is available for pre-order worldwide from Last Hour Records and Near Dark and from Bat-Cave Productions in Europe. You can now preview the tracks “Winter” and “Charms” off the album by the band that Scott Bransford of KDVS 90.3 FM describes… More

Spiritual Cramp Gothic Festival

Spiritual Cramp Gothic Festival

Wake The Dead presents Spiritual Cramp Gothic Festival Sunday August 13th 2017 4pm – 2am in Denver, Colorado at the historic Church of the Seven Candles, built in 1865. Here is all the information and line-up on the event from Wake The Dead: The Spiritual Cramp Gothic Festival gathers some of the best Gothic and Deathrock clubs from all around the US, and having them all… More