Album Review: Merciful Nuns – Meteora VII

Merciful Nuns - Meteora VII

I have genuinely enjoyed this band since their first release in 2010. To this day  “Ancient Astronauts” and “Nunhood” are included on my playlists. Merciful Nuns is the offspring of the gothic rock band Garden of Delight (1990-2008). Now with Artaud Seth on vocals, his wife Jawa Seth on bass and Jón Tmoh on guitar, Merciful Nuns have been producing heavy and dark rhythms along with equally pleasing lyrics, which for some are reminiscent of Sisters of Mercy. Released in late 2014, Meteora VII is another excellent offering with great potential to expand the band’s following. My choice tracks include “Phantom Wall,”  “Karma Inn,” and “Speed Of Light.”

Released: 2014 / Solar Lodge

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Video: “Speed Of Light”