Album Review: Marsheaux – A Broken Frame

Marsheaux - A Broken Frame

I will admit that on hearing about this album I was unsure I would like it. Generally I don’t enjoy remakes and tend to think it best to leave the original product as is. This album is definitely an exception. A remake of the Depeche Mode 1982 album of the same name, this work is a track-by-track redo by the Greek synthpop duo of Marianthi Melitsi and Sophie Sarigiannidou. From the beginning with “Leave in Silence” it is evident that you are in for a treat. Musically the songs don’t deviate too much from the original compositions yet Marsheaux gives us softer feminine vocals along with punchier bass-line and synths. As you go through the album, the songs you are familiar with (if you have listened to the original album) clearly showcase what great songwriters Depeche Mode are as each song is a tribute to the classics that have been treated with care. Marsheaux have proven that it is possible to produce a remake that can be just as good as the original. Stand out tracks include “The Meaning of Love,” “Shouldn’t Have Done That” and “The Sun & the Rainfall.” With such a nice job done I wonder if other remakes are in their plans?

An extended version of the album has also been released with the title An Extended Broken Frame.

Released: 2015 / Undo Records

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