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Revolting Cocks - Big Sexy Land Reissue

Revolting Cocks – Big Sexy Land 2LP

Polish label Mecanica is releasing a double-LP vinyl reissue of Big Sexy Land by Revolting Cocks. Originally issued by the legendary Wax Trax! Records in 1986, the debut studio album by the supergroup of Luc van Acker, Richard 23, and Al Jourgensen, featured a mix of industrial, hard rock and EBM with dominating sampling and strong synthesized beats. Available on… Read more →

Acidrodent - Dark And Empty

Industrial Metal: Acidrodent – Dark and Empty

Acidrodent, industrial metal band from Chicago, has a new release Dark and Empty that is now available on Bandcamp. Acidrodent isn’t going to be friends with you. Acidrodent contains no wisdom or ideas worth spreading. Acidrodent has no worldview, ideology or human interest. Acidrodent won’t take any of your questions. Acidrodent is a giant middle finger. FOAD. Dark and Empty… Read more →

Gothic Visions V

Gothic Visions V: five new compilations released

Echozone from Cologne, Germany, has issued five new releases from its series of Gothic Visions compilations, the new albums are, Gothic Visions V – Deutsch / German, Gothic Visions V – Indie & Dark Pop, Gothic Visions V – Gothic & Dark Rock, Gothic Visions V – Electronic & Industrial, and Gothic Visions V – Dark Wave & Gothic. Founded… Read more →

Davey Suicide

Davey Suicide New Video: World Wide Suicide

Davey Suicide releases new video for “World Wide Suicide.” The is the first work since parting ways with their former record label. “Often times we can be imprisoned by people in our lives that intentionally try and break us.  Their ego can’t let themselves make the logical decision, so they make it hell for everyone who defies them.  This video… Read more →

Lead Into Gold - Low & Slow EP

Paul Barker’s lost Lead Into Gold EP – Low & Slow

Wax Trax! Records in conjunction with its fundraising campaign Monumentary is set to release Paul Barker’s lost Lead Into Gold EP Low & Slow. The EP features three unreleased songs from 1990 along with an additional track from Barker’s master tapes. The record is packaged in the original 1990 artwork and will be available on vinyl as well as digital… Read more →

KMFDM Salvation

KMFDM – Salvation EP & Summer 2015 Tour Dates

KMFDM presents Salvation, an EP of reworked tracks from the recent Our Time Will Come in conjunction with this summer’s Salvation Tour 2015. The uptempo, hook-laden title track is given the remix treatment from Dope Stars Inc and Jimmy Urine from Mindless Self Indulgence, BLOOD VS.MONEY by KMFDM’s tourmate CHANT and Tom Stanzel, and BRAINWASHED remixed by The Kapt’n himself! The Salvation… Read more →