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Resistanz Festival 2016

Neuroticfish return to Resistanz Festival in 2016

The 2016 Resistanz Festival has announced the return of Neuroticfish to its stage for the UKs biggest international electro industrial music event being held March 25-27, 2016. Recently having played at the 2015 Amphi Festival, Neuroticfish is the electronic music project of Sascha Mario Klein (Keys, Vocals) and Henning Verlage (Keys, Production). Originally founded as alter ego of Sascha Mario… Read more →

Aftermath Music Festival

Aftermath Music Festival 2015

Leaether Strip, Haujobb, Conjure One, and Velvet Acid Christ all to headline the Dark Electronic music festival Aftermath. On August 27th-30th the 2nd edition of the Aftermath Music Festival takes place at the Phoenix Concert Theatre in Toronto. The Aftermath Festival showcases some of the top and upcoming artists in the Dark Electro, and Alternative scenes. Headling the festival this… Read more →