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NNHMN - Circle of Doom

NNHMN – Circle of Doom

NNHMN return with the new album Circle of Doom featuring their unique blend of dark and intriguing synth driven electronic dance tracks. They best describe their music as, “Imagination & relaxed time flows endlessly in the room of youth, filled with the pleasurable smoke of the psychedelic realm.” Yes – that is it, an indulging pleasure to dance and listen… Read more →

120 Volts 028

New & Classic Tracks: 120 Volts #028

120 Volts #028 – A new Mixcloud playlist featuring new and classic tracks by Sacred Skin, Forever Grey, Hexheart, Abu Nein, Depresion Radikal, Tears For The Dying, Xmal Deutschland, Yama Uba, Paradox Obscur, Venom Vampires, Discodrama, Autumns, Die Warzau, Phase Fatale, Terence Fixmer, and NNHMN. 120 Volts #028 Far Away – Sacred Skin Broken Home – Forever Grey The Funeral… Read more →

The Red Dots - Collapse EP

The Red Dots – Collapse EP

Spanish dark-synthpop / electronic duo from Madrid The Red Dots have a new 2-track EP and music video for the elegant dance track “Collapse” that is now available via Bandcamp. The empire is coming down There’s no one left in town The lies have not worked If you stay here you’ll drown The new order will reign It wasn’t all… Read more →

Twin Tribes

Twin Tribes Tour and Vinyl

Twin Tribes are heading out on the road to tour with dates quickly selling out in the US and Europe. Tickets can be purchased online at twin-tribes.myshopify.com. The dark synth / post-punk duo based in Brownsville, Texas formed by Luis Navarro (vocals, guitar, synth, drum machines) and Joel Niño, Jr. (bass, synth, vocals) in 2017 currently have pre-orders for the… Read more →

Glitch Black - Death Spiral

Dark Synthwave: Glitch Black – Death Spiral

Dark synthwave musician Glitch Black from Baton Rouge, Louisiana is set to release his third album, Death Spiral. The dark synth, 80s inspired, 14-track album will be available Friday the 13th, November 2015. Glitch Black’s music has been featured on Drive Radio, Synthetix Sundays, and Outscape by Radio Pure Gently. Prior work can also be heard on Soundcloud and Bandcamp.… Read more →

Rogue Six - Distress Signals, A Halloween Space Adventure

Rogue Six – Distress Signals: A Halloween Space Adventure

Rogue Six creates retro-inspired synthesizer music. The musician from Adelaide, Australia, has produced a new four track EP released via Bandcamp. Dark synth electronic sounds generate the right atmosphere for a space adventure: A strange beacon has begun broadcasting a distress signal from the Antin system. It is a system that has been desolate for two hundred years. The moon… Read more →

VHS Glitch - Halloween Strangers

VHS Glitch – Halloween Strangers

Just in time for All Hallows’ Eve, music composer and synthwave artist VHS Glitch has released Halloween Strangers via Bandcamp. The dark synth and electronic album sets the mood for the story of the Bundy triplets: Since the age of six, they wanted to have normal lives, just like other children their age. Every Halloween, the three brothers ventured from… Read more →