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Renee Ruin

Renee Ruin Shares Her Vision on Music, Blogging and New Pursuits

Australian dark culture blogger and promoter Renee Ruin breaks down her triumphs, passions and thoughts on what is yet to come. You recently reached a 10-year milestone with your site reneeruin.com – tell us more about how music, art, fashion and alternative culture came to be such a focal point for you. Renee Ruin Wow! 10 years! I didn’t even pick up on… More

Psychonaut - Angel Theory

New Angel Theory album: Psychonaut

Psychonaut is now available and marks the return of an Angel Theory album since Encrypted Relics appeared in early 2014. The new album release comes after its first single “Worlds Collide” was debuted last month. Steady beats and pulsing synths drive several stand-out tracks on album including “Worlds Collide,” “The Last Resort,” “Noise In My Head,” “Man On Fire,” and… More

Ruuksine - Soft Target

Free Download: Ruuksine – Soft Target

Australian electronic artist Wade Foster, also known as Ruuksine, has put together all of his unreleased tracks of the last year into a new collection called Soft Target. The nine track album is being distributed for free via Bandcamp. Ruuksine produces Techno, EBM, Electronic, and Industrial by way of synthesizers of the past to create raw, electrifying music. Influences include,… More