S Y Z Y G Y X – Fading Bodies

S Y Z Y G Y XS Y Z Y G Y X, the dark electronic music project of Luna Blanc and Josh Clark have announced their second album Fading Bodies – the product of working from their home studio in the Washington D.C. metro area as they continue to evolve their synth and coldwave sound. The 15-track album encompasses a unique style born of their passion for art and creating. You can now preview the track “Ultra Doll” and its music video that premiered today on Post-Punk.com.

The new album made available by Negative Gain Productions (North America) and Cold Transmission Music (Europe), will ship around October 11, 2019 is now available for pre-order and can be obtained digitally, in a 6 panel digipack CD, and even with a T-shirt.

S Y Z Y G Y X - Fading Bodies