Ötzi – Ghosts

Ötzi - GhostsRising up from the Oakland, California music scene, deathrock/post-punk band Ötzi is set to release their debut LP Ghosts September 1st.

The new album is available for pre-order worldwide from Last Hour Records and Near Dark and from Bat-Cave Productions in Europe.

You can now preview the tracks “Winter” and “Charms” off the album by the band that Scott Bransford of KDVS 90.3 FM describes as a “Haunting three-piece from Oakland channels the spirit of Juju-era Siouxie, Euro synth wailers and the tortured souls of early humyns trapped in glacial ice.”

Also listen to the July 18th The Hanging Garden Radio Show on BFF.fm with Ötzi talking about their upcoming album and label, as well as future local shows and a mid-September tour in Europe.

Ötzi European Tour September 13-26, 2017