Schonwald – Night Idyll

Schonwald - Night IdyllSchonwald have announced their new album Night Idyll will be out June 1st via Manic Depression Records.

The Italian duo of Alessandra Gismondi and Luca Bandini focus on a darkwave atmospheric sound that is minimalist, synthetic and hypnotic drawing inspiration from New Order, The Cure, Suicide with guitars echoing My Bloody Valentine and Curve.

A first album Amplified Nature was released in 2009 (Pocket Heaven Records – Lux). Two releases followed, Dream for the Fall (2014) and Between Parallel Lights (2015), collaborations between the French labels Manic Depression and Anywave.

The new album is now available for pre-order via Bandcamp and the duo have released, “Love Collides” as a preface to their dark sound that can be witnessed live on their Night Idyll tour that started April 1st and continues: