Synthétique: A French Synthwave Compilation 1982​-​2016

Synthétique: A French Synthwave Compilation 1982​-​2016UK-based Minimal Synth / Coldwave and Post-Punk label Peripheral Minimal is proud to present: Synthetiqué: A French Synthwave Compilation 1982-2016.

Almost a year in the making, with tracks having been mislaid or buried underneath piles of original demos, then reconstructed and remastered! This compilation aims to highlight the core elements of French Synth-Pop from its earliest incarnation to newer acts influenced by the earlier protagonists distinctive sounds and retro imagery. There will be many a familiar name here, and perhaps a few unknowns. It is not an exhaustive list of the acts associated with this particular ‘scene’, but a tribute to the idiosyncrasy and diversity of French analogue music.

Many of the tracks are completely unreleased or are early demos. For the aficionado we hope this fulfils a rediscovery of old classics or to the late-comer a decent collection of tracks that serve as an introduction to the uniqueness of French Synth music and the burgeoning new scene.

Conceived and curated by Jason B Bernard. The album comes in a luxurious digipak and is limited to 500 copies. A big thank you to all the acts involved!

Order via Bandcamp or at the Peripheral Minimal store.


  1. Philippe Laurent Rapide 2 (1982)
  2. Art & Technique Lovers (1983)
  3. No Unauthorized Crocodile (First Version) (1984)
  4. End Of Data Breathless (1984)
  5. X-Ray Pop La Machine À Rêver (1984)
  6. Atom Cristal Con Palabras (1985)
  7. Adn’ Ckrystall Bubbles Of Memories (1992)
  8. Love In Cage Position (2011)
  9. Guerre Froide Aliénés (2014)
  10. Peine Perdue Fausse Compaigne (2014)
  11. Déficit Budgétaire Sortie De Route (2015)
  12. – OGIVE – Visée (2015)
  13. Mad Masks Insidiae (2016)
  14. Philippe Laurent Exposition 7 (2016)