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120 Volts #021

New & Classic Tracks: 120 Volts #021

120 Volts #021 – We begin 2019 with a new track “Blurred Visions” by S Y Z Y G Y X off their forthcoming album Is That All There Is due later this month along with a kaleidoscope playlist of 19 additional tracks including: Void Vision, She Past Away, Iron Court, Crystal Geometry, Siouxsie and the Banshees, Suffering for Kisses,… More

120 Volts #020

New & Classic Tracks: 120 Volts #020

120 Volts #020 – New & classic dark tracks featuring Front Line Assembly, Soman, Brutalist Architecture In The Sun, Acid Vatican, Delphine Coma, Meat Beat Manifesto, Video Shoppe, Velvet Condom, Blac Kolor, The Column, Fractions, Ancient Methods, Sarin, Blush Response, Twin Tribes, Assemblage 23, and Kontravoid. More

Memories Of A Dream - Synths Versus Me

Memories Of A Dream – Synths Versus Me

Coming this September is a limited edition vinyl pressing of Memories Of A Dream by Spanish darkwave band Synths Versus Me on Oraculo Records. The tracks have been specially remastered for  vinyl LP format by Eric Van Wonterghem. Available for pre-order via Bandcamp – the digital version can be downloaded immediately and the vinyl version will ship out between September 10-15, 2018. Memories Of A… More

Le Futur Facile - Amour

Le Futur Facile – Amour

Distag Records has issued a limited-edition cassette of Amour – the 2017 album by French darkwave duo from Reims Le Futur Facile. The album feature 8 minimal dark synth / post-punk tracks by Eric Futur (synthesizers, vocals, drum machine) and Nicolas Easy ( bass, synthesizers, vocals, drum machine). Amour by Le Futur Facile More

Vandal Moon - Wild Insane

Vandal Moon – Wild Insane

Wild Insane renders a portrait of 21st century intoxication where we yearn for 80s melodies and a break from post-traumatic stress. It has been almost two years since Vandal Moon released Teenage Daydream Conspiracy merging a stylized 80s synth-sound with a blend of dark neo-psychedelia and dream pop – now Blake Voss (vocals, guitars, synthesizers and principal songwriter) is joined by Jeremy Einsiedler (drum machines and synthesizers)… More

Geometric Vision - Apocalypse Queen

Geometric Vision – Apocalypse Queen EP

Ahead of their third album Fire! Fire! Fire! due out on April 23rd via the Swiss Dark Nights record label, Italian post-punk / darkwave band Geometric Vision have release a new high-quality limited edition vinyl EP Apocalypse Queen on Oráculo Records featuring four tracks off the new album specially remastered by Eric Van Wonterghem. Apocalypse Queen by Geometric Vision More

Vandal Moon - Baby Sounds (FM Attack Remix)

Vandal Moon – Baby Sounds (FM Attack Remix)

There is a new remix out today of Vandal Moon’s first single “Baby Sounds” off the new album Wild Insane due April 20th. Vandal Moon has recorded new guitar and bass parts specifically for this track while FM Attack who is a literal legend in the synthwave scene, and continues to break ground with this new blend of post-punk, darkwave and new wave… More

Ash Code - Posthuman (Bonus Tracks)

Ash Code – Posthuman (Bonus Tracks)

Ash Code have released a second edition of their 2016 album Posthuman on the Swiss Dark Nights label via Bandcamp this time including 4 bonus track remixed by Delphine Coma, ORAX, Electrogenic and Emerson Dracon. The new pressing will be limited to 1,000 CDs and is also available as a digital download. The band is also working on a new LP to… More

Silent Runners - The Directory

Silent Runners – The Directory

The five piece Amsterdam-based darkwave / postpunk band Silent Runners have released their 11-track debut album The Directory, two years after their initial self-titled Silent Runners EP (2015). The album featuring a classic 80s synth sound is self-recorded and produced by the band in their own studio. Mastering was done at Metropolis Mastering (UK) by Andy ‘Hippy’ Baldwin, who also worked with… More

Replicant - The Reckoning

Replicant – The Reckoning

Chicago trio Replicant who produce 80s inspired synthwave with a sound that can be described as illustrating the musical landscape of a dystopian tomorrow have a new 4-track release The Reckoning that can be downloaded for free via Bandcamp – also have a look at their music videos including several live performances on their Youtube channel. The Reckoning by Replicant More